On the road to the future

To many the relationship between human and car is very personal. The choice of which car we drive is often a reflection of our personality. When adding our biometric solutions to a car the possibilities to personalize the car and the driving is taken to a whole new level. And your ride truly becomes an extension of yourself.

On the road to the future

To many the relationship between human and car is very personal. The choice of which car we drive is often a reflection of our personality. When adding our biometric solutions to a car the possibilities to personalize the car and the driving is taken to a whole new level. And your ride truly becomes an extension of yourself.

Using biometric technology puts you in the driver’s seat

Letting a car, a truck, a bus or another vehicle know exactly who is driving or riding it, opens up an endless amount of opportunities.

There is a growing amount of car pools all over the world. This good, smart and sustainable idea becomes even better when adding our biometric solution, letting the car pool members access a car quick, safe and easy. Beside the car there are millions of vehicles that would benefit from a safe authentication and identification. In a workplace where vehicles are used by different drivers on different shifts our biometric solutions could solve both driving comfort and attendance issues. Is the right person driving the right vehicle for the right amount of time? The applications and advantages are endless.

And wouldn’t it be great if all kids were identified when entering a school bus, sending a notification to the parents after arriving safely to school?


Giving you the best drive that you ever had is closely connected to comfort and convenience. With our biometric solutions the car knows exactly who’s driving. Once it knows it’s you driving, the car will adjust the settings to your preference. Letting your audio book or favorite playlist start where you left of, even after someone else has been driving the car.


Stop searching for coins or your wallet while driving or when approaching the road toll booth or the parking lot. Our biometric solutions will make these situations much faster, more convenient and a lot safer.


When signing an insurance policy for your car you can get a lower rate when you limit the use to one driver, a driver with a spotless “track record” or to drivers over a certain age. If the insurance company knows exactly who can drive a certain car the fees can be adapted and pin pointed.


We understand that trucking companies live by strict rules and regulations for how long a driver is allowed to drive before a break is needed. If the truck knows who is driving and by what rules the driver has to follow we add security to the roads.


There are times when someone else needs to borrow your car. You might want to be able to make some limits to your car. Perhaps you would like to add a maximum speed level or even cut down on the horsepower. This can be especially practical when your son or daughter want to use the car. Beside the increasing popularity of car pools, there are billions of rental cars across the globe. In both these areas our biometric technology will revolutionize the way the clients access the rental or the car pool vehicle.

Key Features

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Thin and compact design for seamless integration

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Instant wakeup functionality with FPC OneTouch™ technology

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Superior image quality with ultra-low power consumption

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Industry-leading matching algorithm with 3 selectable security levels

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Robust protective coating for scratch and ESD resistance

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IP67 Waterproof

Available in an IP67 water-proof version for production

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Ready to use

Ready to use – pre-packed with firmware and enrollment software

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High-volume supply chain available

Touch Features

One touch and you’re on

With virtually no power consumption, this feature can be at your service at all times…

Your touch from any angle

Allows the sensor to read and match your fingerprint from any angle with outstanding accuracy,…

Enroll yourself with a quick touch

With only a few, quick touches you are enrolled and can start using the fingerprint…

Evolving along with you

With every touch, our self-learning algorithm learns more about you. Adapting to your changing finger conditions, such…

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Our Technology

Our technology consists of biometric sensors, processors, algorithms, and modules that can be used separately…

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