Fingerprint Cards technology has been implemented all over the world in many different products and applications where the focus in on quality and robustness. Here are some examples:

U-Key, China

A portable USB biometric identifier for bank customers

For identity authentication during banking transaction over the internet, U-Key have been developed and provided to millions of E-banking customers. The customer places the finger on the U-Key, which sends a verification request to the bank prior to commencing the transaction.

Door lock, Sweden

A Swedish biometric door lock product

Working as a standalone system this deploy the FPC area sensor system in a one-to-many identification mode, avoiding any requirement for access control tokens such as badges and cards.

Suitcases and handbags , China

Biometric locks on handbags and suitcases

A robust and secure lock on suitcases and handbags have been developed allowing a quick and easy way of both locking and opening your bag or suitcase.

Time & Attendance, Germany

Portable biometric Time & Attendance system

The requirement for small size, fast identification and low power consumption, this portable Time & Attendance solution utilising FPC’s biometric module FPC-AM3.

Motorhome access, South Korea

A physical access solution for motorhomes

The quality and robustness requirements on solutions for motorhomes and similar are very high and FPC’s area sensor and processor live up to these high demands. This first of its kind access system is shock approved and certified under automotive guidelines.

Vehicle Security, China

A biometric security system to prevent theft of vehicles

FPC’s area sensor helps proventing thefts of cars with this biometric security system connected to the cars engine as well as the imobilizer. The system makes it impossible to start the engine until you have presented an authorised finger.

Access control, Colombia

A physical access solution for workout gymnasiums

When training in a gym using this solution, you don’t have to bring a key or a card with you. You simply open the turnstile to the gym by presenting your fingerprint.

Personal safe, USA

A gun and domestic valuables safe to the home and business markets.

The gun safe uses a battery operated fingerprint system to unlock the safe door.

Match-on-Card system, Sweden

A highly secure fingerprint smart card reader.

The smart card reader using encrypted communications, tamper-proof casing and together with Oberthur Card Systems, a fingerprint match-on-card authentication system. The whole is supplied under contract to the Swedish (FMV) Defense Agency.

Time & Attendance, Sweden

Time & Attendance is growing in importance as employers of large workforces begin to realize cost savings from automation of different kinds.

The use of biometrics to clock workers in and out of work is both more convenient and harder to defraud than traditional reporting methods like punch cards. The system is running at leading hotel chains. Use of FPC’s one-to-many matching technology means that customers can avoid the cost of cards and badges.

USB Flash memory and USB key, South Korea

The company has developed two USB units including FPC’s verification system.

One solution is used is used as a login key to your computer and the other is a portable flash memory disk, both with USB interface. The product was selected Biometric Product of the Year 2003.

Armed vehicles, Sweden

Transportation of cash and other valuables always have to be carried out with as high security as possible. This is as important for the customers as for the transportation employees. A way of doing this was to get a direct relation between the driver doing the transportation and the access to the valuables.

To secure the access to the locked compartment of the vehicle, FPC’s technology has been implemented in a way that only the current driver can open the secure compartment where the valuables are kept during the transportation. Methods have also been implemented so that it is impossible to threaten the driver to open the compartment with his fingerprint.

Keyboard, Ireland

One of the products developed by this customer is the PCI/PED Compliant Keyboard.

This is an excellent example of how to increase the security level for financial and IT transactions. The customer has moved security from controlling the card or the pin code to verify that the correct person is doing the transaction.

Safe, Taiwan

The biometric safe is completely stand alone and battery driven and handles several fingerprints.

The safe is either sold as it is or the safe lock can be sold on an OEM basis to other safe manufacturers. The safe lock is completely stand-alone and needs no wires and can hold up to 8 fingerprints.

Bank Security, China

The increased need for securing bank and financial transaction was solved by logging each transaction with biometric information.

FPC has several suppliers in China who build and supply biometric readers to the bank and financial industry. The biometric transaction units are installed at several of the Chinese major banks. The units utilizes FPC’s sensor and has secure communication with the banks major IT-systems.

Access control products, Singapore

The convenience and security of an access system based on fingerprints is hard to match. This easy to install and use system hold close to 100 fingerprints.

Without a central database, this access control unit makes entrance a simple task. No keys or no pin codes to remember. Just place you finger on the sensor and the door is open.

USB Flash memory, Japan

The USB device comes with different software packages for different solutions.

The unit can be bought with many different software packages and can be used as both a plain USB flash memory secured by our fingerprint as well as it can be used for Internet logon and verification.

Medical Equipment, Italy

To minimize the misuse of expensive and advanced medical equipment is prevented with FPC’s technology

To verify the operator of expensive and advanced medical equipment, they have to identify themselves by placing their finger on the sensor before running the machine. In this way the machine is only operated by authorized personnel.

Student identification, India

To verify students at campus and at tests, a portable biometric unit was developed.

To make sure the right student attends the right test and also to verify that only the right students are allowed in school, this portable biometric unit helps.

Point of Sale Terminal, France

Instead of using keys or pin codes to verify the operator of the POS terminal, this biometric solution makes it so much easier.

To make sure that only authorized personnel are operating the POS terminals you have to identify yourself. The most common way today is to use some sort of card or other token. To make operations so much easier, this solution use FPC’s technology to identify the operator.

Transportation of valuables, China

The stand alone and battery driven unit is used to identify the receiver of transported valuables.

To verify that only the correct person accepts a delivery of valuables from a secure transportation, the receiver has to identify himself with the fingerprint to a portable identifier using FPC’s technology.

Time & Attendance, South Africa

To identify employee’s work time, this biometric time & attendance system is used.

The use of biometrics to verify employee’s working time is both more convenient and harder to defraud than traditional reporting methods like punch cards.

Financial system, Argentine

Smart card holding either personal data or financial information secured with fingerprint.

FPC’s technology is used to secure a smart card financial infrastructure, but it can also be used to secure personal data or hospital records.

Bank card, Denmark

Biometrically secured and battery powered card with programmable magstripe

The card aiming for the bank and credit card industry is secured with FPC’s swipe sensors technology, battery driven and is a completely stand alone solution. The magnetic strip is programmed with the card information after the correct finger has been swiped over the card. After that the card can be used once, and there after the magnetic strip information is erased again until you swipe the correct finger one more time

Office cabinets, China

FPC secured office cabinets

To keep your company secrets and/or private belongings secured in the office, these cabinets are secured with FPC area sensor technology

Door lock, Taiwan

A biometric door lock for homes and offices

With the FPC area sensor and biometric processor this battery powered door lock can handle up to 500 users in a one-to-many identification mode

Portable smart card POS, China

A biometrically secure portable POS unit

The portable Point of Sales unit with embedded smart card reader is secured with FPC’s area sensor

Road toll system, South Korea

A government identification system to allow disabled persons free or subsidices road toll.

The system allows disabled persons to go through the fast lane in road tolls, if they have identified themselfes first with their fingerprint to the automatic payment system in the car.