DemoKit Touch

The FPC-TSD Touch Sensor Demo Kit contains hardware and software to get started with evaluation of fingerprint solutions using FPC touch sensors.

General description

The FPC-TSD contains all hardware and software needed to get started – simply install the FPC-TSD Demo software and connect the sensor to a PC via USB.

The TSD demo kit can be used to evaluate basic biometric functions, such as enrol, verify and identify.

Using the demo software provided, you can also capture 2D/3D images, which can be saved in PNG image format.

The FPC-TSD demo kit supports the following sensors: FPC1020, FPC1021, FPC1150.

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  • Demo Kit for Fingerprints touch sensor FPC1020
  • Ergonomic sensor housing
  • Plug'n'play PC via USB interface
  • Evalutation / demonstration PC Windows software

Software Included

  • FPC-TSD Demo: Windows demonstration software
  • Supports Windows 7 and above

Hardware Included

  • Fingerprint sensor FPC1020
  • Ergonomic housing for sensor
  • USB cable
  • USB with documentation and software