Windows 8.1

Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 offers new features such as signing on to their Microsoft account, make online payments and other transactions using FPC’s fingerprint sensor for secure and convenient user verification, thus delivering a greatly enhanced experience that provides “touch and go” secure account access.

“Fingerprint-based Biometrics sensors will be an integral part of the Windows 8.1 user experience. They’ll provide enhanced security and the very best experience for verifying a user’s identity.  Fingerprint Cards has shown us an impressive roadmap and a great line-up of capacitive touch sensors that will help make biometrics mainstream on Windows devices. We appreciate the collaborative nature of FPC and their receptiveness to our feedback which will result in excellent integration in Windows 8.1.” says Dustin Ingalls, Partner Group Program Manager for Windows Security & Identity at Microsoft.

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FPC in MS Windows 8.1, part 1

FPC in MS Windows 8.1 by Nelly Porter, part 2

FPC in MS Windows 8.1, by Chris Hallum, part 3