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Fingerprint Cards appoints Serial Microelectronics Korea (Serial Korea) as distributor for South Korea.

Serial  Korea also places initial order valued at SEK 5.2 M
Serial Microelectronics Korea Ltd., (Serial Korea), with its parent company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange and headquartered in Singapore, has been appointed strategic distributor for South Korea by Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC). In conjunction with the signed distribution agreement, Serial Korea has placed an initial order with FPC, valued at SEK 5.2 M.

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Fingerprint Cards has appointed Serial System Ltd (Serial System) as its distributor for India and six additional countries in Southeast-Asia.

At the same time, Serial placed an initial order of SEK 3.6 M for immediate delivery.

Serial System Ltd (Serial System), a company listed on the Main Board of the Singapore stock exchange and headquartered in Singapore, has been appointed by Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) as its strategic distributor in Southeast-Asia and India. In conjunction with the agreement, Serial System placed an order with FPC worth SEK 3.6 M.

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